About Us

Located in Southern Italy, Mekano Commercial S.r.l. was born in 2000 and right now it has specialized in the marketing of material for the petrochemical industry, hydraulics, oil & gas and waterworks. 

Over the years, the technical skills of people having long experience in commercial and engineering activities related to industry piping have allowed to use advanced technologies of processing, thereby improving production systems and introducing technical innovations that enable the company to meet the demands of Customer in the manner and time efficient. 

Almost twenty years of industry experience, qualifies today Mekano Commerciale Srl as a leader in the supply of a wide range of items such as:

- Flanges
- Fittings
- Tubing
- Pipe
- Valves 

The primary objective of the Company is to continue to provide the market with competitive products that meet quality standards higher and higher, and this is made possible thanks to the policies of research and innovation processes that are a fundamental part of the company mission.


Organization chart


Mr. Michele Zuccaro   General manager  (+39) 080.3237063  michezuccaro@libero.it
Mr. Giorgio Zuccaro  Junior account manager  (+39) 080.3237063  g.zuccaro@mekpiping.com 
Mr. Giuseppe Tisci  Foreign Business Responsible  (+39) 080.3237063  gtisci.mekano@gmail.com 
Mr. Teo Paternoster Commercial Department   (+39) 080.3237063  commerciale@mekano.it